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This article proposes to address the mapping of water quality in the surface and deep aquifers and large transboundary catchment areas of Senegal. The aim is to map a certain number of chemical parameters to assess the quality of groundwater in the national territory.   Thus, while some parameters, such as electrical conductivity, pH, iron, nitrates and chlorides are represented in some regions, others, such as fluoride, are added, especially in the central regions. Consequently, the analysis of the results shows that the problem of water quality varies from one area to another and according to the parameters mapped (see maps).
qualité de leau
qualité de l'eau
Furthermore, in the same vein, the mapping of large transboundary watersheds shows a significant amount of surface water shared between the countries bordering Senegal, in particular, and some West African countries, in general. Consequently, this sharing of water resources justifies today and in the current context, the need and urgency between States to strengthen cooperation and diplomacy between basin organizations, in order to prevent sources of water-related conflicts.
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Pole Eau Dakar collaboration with Geneva Water Hub

A collaboration agreement was signed in July between the Rector of the University of Geneva and the Minister of Water and Sanitation to establish cooperation between the Geneva Water Hub and the Pôle Eau Dakar as well as the development of the Global Observatory on Water and Peace at the West African regional level. This partnership is structured around technical and financial support for the implementation of this agreement. Journée Mondiale de l'Eau Under this partnership, flagship actions have been developed in 2020 to consolidate the partnership. The PED took part in activities organized by the Geneva Water Hub, namely a series of round tables; the first organized in July 2020 on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for West African river basin organizations, a second in September 2020 on water information systems, governance and remote sensing. In addition, the PED is a partner in the project « Voices of the River: Voices of Peace » a project that is supported by the Geneva Water Hub, Milk Music, Globe, and the Organization pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Sénégal (OMVS).